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Welcome to Kisa Complex

Meet Kisa Tabor. He's you're average everyday um... well... we're not really sure what he is exactly but we're pretty sure what he's not is human. Kisa's last name, Tabor, means bad luck and boy does he have it in spades. He's bound by some pretty powerful magic to a girl named Lilia Fletcher. With a magic sword that heals her, a magic breastplate that makes her as strong as an ox, and a magic necklace that can protect her from pretty much everything short of a battering ram and/or nuclear holocost, hanging out with her doesn't seem like a bad move... Until, that is, you factor in that Lilia's got a major mad-on for monster hunting. And did I mention that her magic necklace has the unfortunate side effect of making her just a wee bit psychotic?

January 12th, 2007, 9:15 pm

Release Schedule

Irratic release schedule, no?
The first 5 pages will be added today, one an hour until all 5 are up.
Pages 6 and 7 will be tomorrow-ish.
Page 8 will be loaded in a couple of days and all the following pages will be loaded the day of their last digit. Like, page 9 will load on the 19th, 10 will be the 20th, 11 will be 21 until the last one on the um... 18th. Yup.
And someday there will be no more... ;_; So sad... ;_; -_- .... there's more written though... so maybe someday... In the meantime, keep checking for some of my other comics. ^_^ I may upload Angel In Training and Yura Vampire.

January 12th, 2007, 9:07 pm

Kisa Complex Hajime!

^_^ Okay! So, here's Kisa Complex. Those of you that know me have already seen this floating around on one of my other websites but I decided to move it here because, 1. it's easier, 2. it's more frequently used, and 3. I suck at HTML (see reason 1). Kisa Complex is only 17 pages long. You'll also note that the first 17 pages are listed as "Original" meaning, yup, I'm gonna eventually (possibly) retool this sucker. I have a few more stories written I just haven't drawn them yet. Of course, that may be about 10 years in the making, but who knows?
Kisa Complex was written and drawn in 2003. I am not proud of the writing at all. I was trying to meet a deadline and the writing suffered majorly. So did the art, actually. At one point I did 9 pages in one day. The only thing worse than doing 9 pages in one day is inking 9 pages in one day. Ouch. The tones are inconsistent and amateurish. First attempt. Sorry. >_<; I've gotten better at them since then but oh well. ^_^
Enjoy it!

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